Friday, 1 April 2016


Join me for a breakdown on the newest False Flag attack by the Cabal in Brussels and some beautiful omens of peace with Bernie Sanders!

GAIANEYE cosmic perspective

And we finish up with something that I think may very well be an omen of peace coming to this planet.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the bird was influenced by the positive collective consciousness of the fans at this rally, but whatever the reason for its visit, Bernie has a perfect outlook on it!  But, as much as we want this positive uncorrupted being to be the next president, it will not happen because he isn’t a part of the Cabal, as all elections are rigged in their favour.  We can see just what the Cabal thinks of a world peace dove in this mural at denver airport.  So be aware of that, but not fearful.  The negativity on this planet will be removed soon.  Love and Light everyone.

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