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GAIANEYE cosmic perspective

We’ve got a bunch of articles to flip through from the past few weeks; everything from Prince’s possible murder to proof of Saudi Arabia’s involvement in 9/11.  It’s been a busy month so let’s check it out!

 Cabal news

 we start off with newly found documents which seem to prove the Saudi government had a hand in the 9/11 attacks.   Now, before i get into this, i just wanna say that it’s pretty much a certainty that the US, Israeli and Saudi governments perpetrated the 9/11 attacks to create more planetary control mechanisms and a never ending war, but it’s important to remember that they were also able to remove attention from the missing trillions admitted by Rumsfeld the day before, on Sept 10.  Cobra has also stated that there are powerful energy vortexes in that part of the world and that is one of the main reasons the Cabal want to keep it controlled and war-torn.

So the story goes that a flight certificate of Al-Qaeda bomb maker was discovered hidden in an envelope from the Saudi embassy in Washington when they arrested him in 2002.  This prompted the question of how much involvement the Saudi’s really had that day.
The Saudi’s then threatened to remove 750Billion from the stock exchange if the federal government passed a bill which would rightfully allow American citizens to sue the Saudi government for their involvement in the hi-jackings.
And, the reason they could sue is because of the 28 pages of redacted info from the 9/11 commission report that have been withheld from the public.  Lawmakers say that some of that classified info points towards Saudi involvement with the hijackers.
We also have an article about how the hijackers were potentially CIA agents, just like their good friend Osama.
Here’s how the US was able to cover up the Saudi involvement

And a couple more articles detailing this very interesting development.  It seems that the Cabal are infighting and on the ropes.
as seen when Obama quickly gave in to the threats and voiced that he would veto the bill.
...and then travelled to Saudi Arabia with his tail between his legs to smooth things out.  The corruption is blindingly obvious and we should all question just what those 28 pages reveal and demand their release.  You see, this is an example of how “they” (the cabal) keep the truth from us in order to control this reality.  They have millions of classified files that they keep from the public under the fake pretext of “national security reasons”.  Knowledge is pwer
So, given all of that, i would say that there are many truths hidden in those 28 pages and the corrupt Saudi’s threatened to crash the stock market if the US released evidence against them.  Obama blinked and said he would stop it from going through.  It looks like the Cabal are infighting and we may be on the verge of their ultimate defeat, but that depends on all of us.
We also have the recent death of the music icon, Prince.   I always have a discerning eye with these things, and a few interesting coincidences pop up right away.   A couple of years ago, he spoke of the negative effects of chemtrails during an interview

And some other interesting theories nicely summed up at stillness in the storm
moving on we have a swiss banker whislblower coming out and saying the CIA were behind the panama papers leak, which sounds about right
...then the police raid the law firm responsible for the leak, interesting development
the new York city board of elections will be audited soon, hopefully it turns up some of the dirty details of the corrupt and rigged presidential race.
here we see the money magic system increasingly collapsing.  Cabal owned goldman sachs is in trouble
and cabal member George soros begging for more bailout money
He’s not the only one who needs the corrupt financial system for another bailout, the Saudi’s are getting desperate as well.  They just had to borrow 10Billion to stay afloat.  It seems the Allies are tightening the noose by decimating their proxy mercenary army in Syria and cutting off their global oil money supply.
While Hillary continues her corrupt rigging of the presidential race, she is still finding time to spread the lies of her plans to release the truth about ET’s.
...but in this one Podesta basically admits the US is covering up the ET contact because when he was asked if he had seen any evidence of visitations from ET’s he said “That’s for the public to judge once they’ve seen all the evidence that the US government has.”  As in, they have tonnes of secret evidence about ufos.
and finally here’s another example of how crisis actors are very real.   This just shows you how detailed their simulations can be.  If you saw this and didn’t know it was a drill, you would think it was something like the boston bombing false flag

In mystery news we’ve got some cool articles.  One here about how Quebec has recorded more ufo sightings than any other province in Canada.
strange foam coming from the sky after the series of earthquakes recently in Japan, which Ben Fulford says were underground military bases being destroyed by the Allies.
A father and daughter were driving in Ohio and she accidentally recorded a black ufo.   SecureTeam10 does a great review of that sighting and a few other seemingly genuine ufo sightings from the past month.
Here we have another NASA feed going down JUST as a huge ufo comes into view
and a green one in california
 and finally, here’s an interesting article about the mysterious world hum that is happening all over the world
In Space news, we’ve got this really interesting story about a company called breakthrough initiatives creating a plan to send dozens of robots into another solar system.  This has a couple red flags because Stephen Hawking and a FB are involved, but Cobra has stated that they will not be able to negatively influence the project that much
In Trusted Sources News

We also have Cobra “Although it appears nothing is happening, there is much activity behind the scenes. This activity will become more pronounced and visible in May”
Time will tell!

Ok so that’s it, thanks for listening and we’ll see ya next update

Love and Light everyone

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