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Cabal news

Right on the heels of the most recent FF attack in Brussels, we have the biggest data leak in history!

The Panama Papers have blown the lid off of a portion of the cabals corrupt off shore money system and have named several high level government officials, along with many other “important” people, as to having used Panama as a tax haven.  

It didn’t take long for the MSM to create a smear campaign against Putin and since there were no clear links to Putin having used the tax haven, this was the first red flag.  

This video news coverage is a good example of how quickly the fingers pointed at Putin

But the smear campaign has already started to backfire

Then we find out that cabal member George Soros had his hands in the creation of the leak itself, raising another red flag. 

We also have wikileaks posting that the US government were helping create the Panama Papers in an attempt to attack Putin.  This is also the article Cobra posted as an explanation to the papers.

Ironically enough, Bernie had warned about the possibility of Panama used for tax evasion back in 2011

One silver lining to this smear campaign was the awakening of some people who are demanding change to corruption.

 Cabal puppet Cameron is being pressured to step down in a similar way to how the Prime Minister just did in Iceland.  No country is completely safe from the corruption of the cabal


Moving on, we have a top german journalist admitting the MSM is fake and works for the CIA
Emails from Hillary Clinton that prove she is a Satanist

A couple of articles discrediting conspiracy theorists which are proof of the disinfo campaign.  One is a video making a joke about the theories, while the other discredits the 12 million Americans who correctly believe negative reptilian ETs rule the world



These articles explain how Bernie has little chance of winning, as delegates are all that matter in the election process, and how elections can be hacked


She also has Podesta pushing her illegitimate promise to reveal UFO documents to the world

These two articles are speaking about how close we are to a global financial meltdown, which will be sooner than 10 years.  But we need to keep in mind that the current corrupt global monetary will stay afloat by any means necessary, including bail outs and negative interest rates, until the Event happens and a the system is “Reset”



...and finally, Steven Seagal has the right idea
We’ve got a fish farmer who had 25 tonnes of fish be swallowed up by a massive sink hole


An article about all of the strange documented cases of people who have recently been going crazy and seemingly possessed


Google earth producing some strange images which some are calling a crashed UFO


Here we have an article talking about a newly discovered planet in our solar system.  No worries, it will not destroy Gaia


New pictures of what a black hole actually looks like


We have a satellite image of a blood red Nile River

..and China is proposing a 50 trillion dollar plan to create a worldwide electrical grid.  This is an example of what our future will actually look like

Trusted sources

We have Stillness in the Storm creating some great write ups on current planetary events
and Cobra posting some little known facts about the goddess connections with Syria, and why it is being terrorized so much

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