Tuesday, 14 June 2016



Mystery News

so where to begin got mystery news, fire balls of late aren’t nothing new, but this one here above Londeon was cool, flashes in the sky plus a couple loud booms
then we have a story about the famous king Tut, buried with a dagger made of meteor stuff

Cabal News

On to cabal news we got some lies about a cancer vaccine which i would strongly advise not to take, it’s fake just more profits to make
plus troublesome times in Venezuela these days, thousands were wounded in the looting that day, so we’re waiting for the time it will change

now to a story about a possible bunker, to add to the mysterious place it’s under, Denver airport has creepy shit dead kids dead doves are on mural pics, and don’t forget the horse who’s red eyes are lit and how it killed the guy who had actually built it! (Luis Jimenez or Luis JimĂ©nez (July 30, 1940 – June 13, 2006))
  compilation song to be sung
and this story here could be absolutely huge, if Britain leaves the union it could spell doom for the cabal it could all go down the tubes if this domino falls all the others could too

Gaia News
 but moving on here we’ve got Gaia news, and some things which look like biblical queues, first we see in Russia where the locusts were swarming over 70000 hectares that morning

and flooding all over the world it seems, from Paris to Texas toRussia rain teems overloading rivers these emergencies are taking their tole from the strife that we see
but something to read is this write up right here about the many more floods in the world this year

Disclosure News

 but enough of that moving on got Disclosure news and an article here which is asking for truths from the cabal puppet Cameron so he will refuse or go along with whatever the excuse Hillary will use

Vid of suns
and a good one here about Jeff Bezos, the owner of amazon and what he proposed was tapping the unlimited solar energy  by building what he calls a space industry, which as he said would allow the earth to be clean and to lower the pollution sounds good to me
and we finish up with trusted sources news another talk with cobra and corey part 2.  Rob Potter does another great interview.  They find a lot of common ground and some different views.  The main goal here it’s important to note, that what they doing these interviews for the common goal of working together to make the shift of the ages higher stages of our one consciousness.

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