Thursday, 24 December 2015


It's the night before Christmas, and we are still in limbo on planet earth.  There were some timelines which included the Event happening on Jan 1 2016. This wonderful notion seems to be in doubt as we reach the end of the year. Although, no one can say when the exact moment of the Event will occur.  With the exclusion of the karzanian mafias (cabal) mercenary army Daesh, things are quite calm right now. The fed manipulated the system once more with a rate hike, but no financial issues there. Turkey has been busted for illegally downing a russian jet and selling oil to Daesh, a sample of truth in the current situation. Hillary Clinton has had her illegal classified email chains go under the radar on the puppet MsM, so now she can continue her lame corrupt campaign with little interference from the only true candidate, Bernie.  Soft disclosure continues with shows like the expanse and childhoods end, and commercials like Pepsis black knight satellite and UNICEFs accept the alien boy into our schools. All of these things seem to be slowly ramping up. And I mean, slowly. But it is also true that 5-10 years on our planet is merely a spec of time in the cosmic cycle. I do feel things are becoming slowly better as time marches on because if it weren't, there would be nuke war and massive catyclysisms by now. Did you know that earth was incredibly close to getting hit with an X class flare not too long ago?  You can look up what a flare like that can do to electronics by researching the Carrington event from the 1800s, but we would have essentially lost all electronics and communications on this planet had it hit us. Alas, it missed us by a day or so. Lucky?  Maybe.. I like to think out star family is looking out for us, while sincerely hoping we wake up soon and prove ourselves worthy to move to the higher stages of our EVOLution. I hope that day comes soon my friends. Peace and love to you all. Event meditation is every Sunday at 2pm EST, please join us.


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