Thursday, 5 November 2015

Is the shift beginning?

It seems as though world events are picking up, as are the cosmic energies.  As posted by Cobra and Corey Goode (whistleblowers), there is a war going on behind the scenes which involves the 1%/illuminati/cabal and those who oppose them. The good guys are making moves at the moment, which will ultimately culminate in the removal of the evil elite cabal and their masters. Their masters are negative ETs which have controlled this solar system since the fall of Atlantis 120,000 years ago. They put in place a "veil" which essentially acts like the movie the Matrix, but on a more consciousness controlling level.  "It is all around you" Morpheus once said. It is. "They", or the cabal, have pulled a reality veil over your eyes. This veil hides the truth, and plants seeds of doubt so that you never fully question the reality on this planet. The supposed reality that says only fossil fuels may be used, GMO food is forced upon you, and we are probably the only life in the universe. This false reality and Babylonian money magic system (controlled by the banking corporations) is combined with many other control mechanisms like religion, agriculture and medicine.  That is about to all change.

I will be updating this post soon with more info

Victory of the light!

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