Friday, 3 April 2015

This Crazy World

A great awakening is occurring on this planet at the moment. Humanity has been in a deep slumber for a long time. For most, it is hard to wake up in the morning. This shift is no different.

Truth is something that can fill countless hearts with love, but can also challenge long held belief systems.  From experience, I know that my view of this world challenges many people to think outside the box. That is, if you haven't already stumbled upon the fact that this whole world is basically the matrix that manipulates the collective consciousness of humanity.

The elite who rule the world have a complete monopoly over agriculture, banking. energy, government and religion. All of these are big money makers, and if you follow the money, you'll find the corrupt.  This system is not solely designed for money and power. It is designed to keep humanity easily controllable and create a continuous cycle of lack so we always come back for more.

These ruling elite have bosses. And even those bosses have bosses. My reasoning, after researching this for a decade, is that the power elite answer to, or are associated with, the dark cabal. This cabal is composed of groups such as the illuminati. This cabal is controlled by extra terrestrials who do not work for the Light. These negative ET races are known as the Chimera group. They beat out the positive ET forces thousands of years ago for this territory in our galaxy. The light forces, or the galactic confederation of light, vowed to return to free humanity.

The GCOL is our space family, composed of many star nations who are on a mission to liberate this sector of the galaxy. They are human, but can very in things like colour and height. They are all very spiritually and technologically advanced. They view us as family, and are what our ancestors called angels. I believe Christ was an ET sent here to teach humanity the importance of unconditional love. He will return after The Event.

The Event is where the dark is removed from this planet, and only light remains.  Plenty of healing will be needed, but the future will be bright!

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